Saturday, June 12, 2010

Between Something and Nothing

So - these questions go out to you folks of a certain age:
  • Remember when there was only one MTV?
  • Remember when MTV played only videos?
  • Remember when new videos were an event?

  • Along the way, MTV decided to add features that were not directly linked with music, like the once-groundbreaking "Real World" and its kid brother "Road Rules." The flood gates opened. MTV unleashed the likes of Snooki and Speidi on the world, and the innocent were left crouching in the corner, rocking ourselves to sleep, singing in hushed tones that "Reality TV Killed the Video Star."

    When MTV started changing direction, they created MTV2 as a place for non-stop, commercial free music video viewing. [Sure, now MTV2 has its own roster of reality shows and videos seem to be going the way of the buffalo. But I digress.]

    In a sort of lowbrow comparison, I see my blog as original MTV. It started out as a place where I could share my poetry, discuss poetry, blah blah blah. BUT. In attempt to set the right tone and express myself in other ways, the poetry got lost. The poems became few and far between, and just didn't mesh with the rest of the blog. But I still write. You just haven't seen it. So...I'm migrating the poetry-related stuff to my own MTV2...called "Between Something and Nothing."

    The title is tribute to one of my favorite Ocean Blue songs and a seemingly good description of where my poetry often rests. So...we'll see how this goes. It's still a site in transition, and I hope to get some new material up soon.

    For poetry related posts, visit: Between Something and Nothing.
    For everything else, stay tuned to The Humble Pen.
    For those who don't care either way, here's a bit of music for you to enjoy:

    the ocean blue-between something and nothing