Monday, September 22, 2008

I love ya, tomorrow

If you read my post from last week, you might be scratching your head and asking, "What does this all mean?", "Is Christine going off the deep end?", "Has everything she's written thus far a sham?","Is she giving everything up to join a compound?"

Rest assured, everything is fine, I'm fine; everything that was written was from my heart and not an attempt to show myself as anything other than what I am, and no - I'm not joining a compound.

Still, I suppose, I'm at one of the milestones in life when I start questioning everything I'm doing - is this what I want to do, is this the direction I want to go, is this me, and so on. Since the beginning, I've harbored the discomfort that I was trying to run in the big race of blogging (albeit, about poetry), when everyone these days seems to have a blog, with little more than a strong passion for my topic. There are many, many others who live what they blog about day-to-day. I wasn't trying to be them, or to pretend I have as much experience, but I did feel like I could contribute something in this area that means so much to me. It just got to the point where I realized my passion wasn't enough to sustain things, at least in the way that I wanted to go.

I'm not giving up, and I'm not wallowing in self-pity. That's not my style. But I am taking a step back and giving myself a little "me" time to refocus. I still have plenty to say. Maybe in a few week or months time, I will be back blogging better than ever, but for now, I will not be posting anything new for a while.

So, thanks to those of you who have read my words. I hope that I have amused, enlightened or just made a connection.

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