Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Freeing the Music

DISCLAIMER: This post is not advocating the illegal downloading of music. I believe in supporting artists buy legally obtaining their tunes, because if they don't get paid, they become poor, they end up living in a van down by the river and then they can't afford to put out more good music. And then we all suffer. Do you want that? I dont. No. This post is simply to offer alternatives, especially for those awesome indie bands and hard to find remixes.

I'm always on the hunt for new music. I also like to give those tunes that stick in my brain like gum a permanent home on my iPod so I can learn the lyrics rather than making up what I think is being said. But, I can't always find what I want, and sometimes, I just want a song, not the whole album. Luckily, I found these great (and legal) sites that provide many terrific MP3 downloads for free. I've discovered some incredible artists this way, and have found that if I have access to a free song or two, and I like it, I will end up buying the whole album. Search MP3 downloads > free MP3s and see what comes up. New releases posted regularly.

Stereogum: An awesome blog all on its own, it also posts cool indie tracks and remixes.

RCRD LBL: "The Hottest Free Music Downloads. Served Daily." With a side of awesome.

Levi's Pioneer Sessions: Wear those jeans like a rock star while listening to free tunes.

Consequence of Sound: An outstanding music site, with "Friday Mixtape" offering unique MP3s.

Spinner: The music blog that other music blogs try to copy. With free MP3s of the Day.

These are just a few I have found to be quality. Not quite your cup of tea? Check out this listing of other available (and legal) sites. Download responsibly and enjoy.

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