Friday, October 15, 2010

It's a Jersey Thing

This week, the folks at "South Park" aired the highly-anticipated, highly-controversial (would it be "South Park" otherwise?), and absolutely hilarious episode about New Jersey.

You could look at the episode two ways:
1) The creators of the show truly hate all things New Jersey, and like most people who have never been here, think we're all a bunch of idiots just like those seen on TV and in the movies, and this was a statement on how our state sucks - OR -
2) Like any intelligent person, they were mocking the idiots on TV and in the movies who "represent" New Jersey because the whole thing is so absurd. Either way, the creators of "South Park" show no mercy to anyone or anything, and NJ was just ripe for the plucking. Although the bit about a certain terrorist group helping out was just unnecessary.

I want to call attention to two sites:
Jersey Doesn't Stink - because, well, it doesn't. It rocks.
New Jersey Hall of Fame - because you would be surprised who calls/called NJ "home."

The "South Park" episode inserts the phrase "It's a Jersey thing. You wouldn't understand." throughout the show to insinuate that raucous fights, orange skin, slicked hair, gold chains and rings, and an overall obnoxious attitude is...well, a Jersey thing. It's not. Maybe certain pockets of people...who are also mocked by the rest of New Jersey.

You know what's a Jersey thing?
- The Jersey Shore, the Pine Barrens, the Highlands
- The Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival
- Jersey Fresh produce and wine
- Dinosaurs (ok, not exclusively a Jersey thing, but still cool)
- Weird NJ
- Pride in our state
- Talent (see NJ Hall of Fame or this list for a taste)
- Music, music, and music:

And so, so much more.

My dad used to say "If you can do it, it aint' bragging." New Jersey can definitely bring it, so there should be no wonder why we carry such pride for our little state.

Or maybe it's just a Jersey thing. You wouldn't understand.


Amy said...

This is awesome, Christine! Thank you for sharing our site with your readers and for showing everyone what a "Jersey Thing" really is!

Kristy Billings said...

Well said! I agree with every word. New Jersey is definitely a misunderstood state. Living here in Kentucky has opened my eyes to that. The number of people that are fans of the Jersey Shore and NJ Housewives think that is what everyone is like in New Jersey......wrong! I am proof to all the Kentuckians and if it wasn't so expensive to live in New Jersey I would still be there!