Sunday, January 16, 2011

Such Random Things (Strange Brew Edition)

  • Wikipedia is 10 years old already. That "free encyclopedia that anyone can edit" gained momentum over the years, and although I'm not sure it has earned respect as a legitimate resource, most people online have probably referred to it at least once over the last decade. And sometimes found reason to scratch our heads or laugh in the process.

  • The Book of Mormon - coming to a Broadway theatre near you! From the creators of "South Park",'s probably exactly what you expect. Not sure how folks would feel if it was called "The Bible" or "The Qur'an." On second thought, I know exactly how folks would feel.

  • What lavishness will Kate and Wills plan for their wedding? I'm sure it will be lovely, but maybe they should avoid all that stress and just get hitched in Dunkin' Donuts like this couple. I wonder if the bride had wedding jitters {ba da bum}.

  • Romania is proposing a tax on witches, astrologers, and fortunetellers.And the response of those to be taxed? Why, casting spells, of course. Naturally. I wonder what would have happened if that tactic had been used in Boston Harbor in 1773...

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