Monday, May 19, 2008

Wax and Wane

Here we go kids, put your nickels down
Down here, place your bets wisely.
The joker’s gonna come, come down
And spin that wheel of fortune –
Spin it; see the colors twirl, twirl
Like kaleidoscopes, like Colecovision.
They say that there’s no Fate,
But we dined just last evening – dined
On raspberries and wine,
Dined until our mouths bled.
It’s rushing now, down like avalanches,
It’s rushing down here, down
Until the valley breaks its fall.
Can someone explain how we come down,
Down fast in a rush like snow tumbles down
In a heap on the valley
When our flags wave from the top?
Mine still waves from the top
Of Mount Washington, I see it bend
In the breeze. See it bend? It’s still there.
So, if there’s no Fate,
I must have dined here alone, dined
In the comforts of home, neigh,
Under quicksand and stone.
But Potential will visit me, visit
This Saturday night, to dine –
Find a breakpoint and dine
On the rest of those berries and wine.

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