Friday, July 18, 2008

Self-Help Books

All the positive energy and smiley words -
so precious. so, so precious.
like a little lamb that bounces into the woods,
chasing out the darkness.
And who knows the root of this evil?
It's not evil, just misguided
perceptions that happen standing still.
The pages, all the pages that confided
it's not me. It's them. It's you.
But is it true? APA just might agree:
Bad relationships - chapter 1-2
Dependency - chapter 3
Social Anxiety - chapter 4
Depression - chapter 5
and more! There's much, much more
wrong with me. Can I survive?
Yes, if we just think positively
the ickies will go away. {Whew}
I suppose this skewed reality
is why I avoid these books too.

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