Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chi-town Showdown

I'm in Chicago for the second time in a month. Over a course of 5 years, I've been here so many times, I lost count. But, I have to say, Chicago is a beautiful city and I enjoy coming here...minus the traffic from the airport to downtown, and the winters. Otherwise, yes, it's a great place (at least, from my visitor's eyes. I'm sure the locals will have their own opinion.)

I'm here for another conference, of course...working a booth in the exhibit hall for the first time in my life and I have to say, I'm not lovin' it. No, sir. Not one bit. But it's easy work, and my expenses are being paid, so...there it is. Luckily for me, I'll actually have some "down time," albeit, on my own, and for the first time in all the times I have been to Chicago, I'm hoping to steal away a few minutes to actually enjoy the city. See the sights. Relish its charms. Hopefully.

It's a weird thing, enjoying a place on your own. I mean, it has been done. But in my opinion, it's always better to enjoy a place with someone else, so you can have someone to share the experience and memories. I'll always remember being at Half Moon Bay, CA, at the Ritz Carlton (for a meeting, of course), and walking down to the lonely strip of beach washed by the cold waters of the Pacific at sundown. It was gorgeous and romantic and solemn, and I was standing there, alone. It broke my heart to experience it without the love of my life by my side. Chicago - she's a different animal. Soaring architecture and history, there's alot to see. I have no problem going to discover it on my own, but I have to find the courage to enjoy it. It's just me and the city now.

So...if you have any suggestions on some things I must see, please let me know. I'm here a few more days.


Anonymous said...

Go to Houlahan's

Christine said...

Thanks, M.