Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Such Random Things

Nothing extraordinary to write about today, so I'll just post a few things swimming around in my head at this moment:
  • My prayers go out to the families of those on Air France Flight 447. What a terrible tragedy.
  • How does Air France Flight 447 have a Wikipedia page already?
  • Susan Boyle will be just fine. After a bit of rest, she'll have the fantastic singing career that she deserves, and hopefully she'll get used to the fame that comes with it. Diversity reminds me of those super choreographed cheerleading routines...but maybe they'll get a job as backup dancers to Britney Spears? What else could they do?
  • Why can't "America's Got Talent" be more like "Britain's Got Talent" rather than a weird carny show?
  • The Pope is getting techy on us: http://www.pope2you.net. (Replacing former Website PopeisDope.com)*
  • My husband's 20-year college reunion is this weekend, and although I'll only know a handful of people, I have to wonder if it will be like Romy and Michelle....or I Remember Andrea (yes, so they were both about high school reunions...you get my point). I guess in the end, not my reunion - not my problem.
  • Speaking of 20 year anniversaries and reunions...The Stone Roses should reunite. The former band members say no dice, but there's always wishful thinking. Pleeeeeease?
  • This is one of the best songs ever and I've loved it since the 80s. (Pretty Please???):

* This was never a real Website...but it should have been!

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