Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

Yes, I live in the Northeast. Yes, it's snowing today - alot (with a deceiving break at the moment). And yes, I'm off from work today! Hooray! We didn't get the snow from last weekend that the rest of the Mid-Atlantic received, but we're getting it today, and I'm thrilled. We haven't had a big snowfall since the holidays, so we're overdue, and I'm feeling like a giddy schoolgirl watching the snowfall intermittently with watching updates from the accurate and dependable team on the Weather Channel (who, by the way, said 12-18" total. Don't disappoint me, 'k?)

Something about the mere idea of a snow day lets me imagine snuggling up in a thick, fluffy, larger-than-life blanket with warm cups of cocoa with marshmallows, my fireplace crackling, watching sappy old movies or getting lost in a good book. And maybe, just maybe, a walk hand-in-hand with husband through the quiet streets of town just listening to the softness of the snow fall. My reality at this moment is sitting on the couch, sans fluffy blanket, doing work (well, not at this exact moment) watching said Weather Channel. Not quite the fun-loving snow day, but the day's only half-way over...and there's the possibility of tomorrow...Still, I could live the ideal snow day today, and that makes it all worthwhile.

For the last week or so, with two big snow storms arriving in the same area of the country, everyone refers to Snowmageddon and Snowpocalypse. Apparently, today is being called Snoverkill, as in snow overkill. Really, people? It's February. It's an El NiƱo year. Besides, we don't exactly live in the tropics. What were you expecting? For heavens sake, relax. Enjoy. [For more on this, you can also revisit this post]. If you lost power or heat, or found yourself in some disastrous situation, ok - you have a right to use such titles for this snowstorm. But for the rest of us - you can handle this. It's not like we're going to all become the next Donner Party.

For my colleagues who will most likely have to stay an extra day or two on the West Coast due to canceled flights, enjoy the sun and warmth. We'll see you soon.

For the rest of you, please enjoy one of my favorites:

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