Monday, March 15, 2010

Crystal Clear

I've been watching American Idol since the first season on and off...mostly off. There is, after all, a little thing called Life that sometimes gets in the way. Either that, or the season's just not that exciting and the good singers get booted off while the marketable ones stay. Sure, everyone watches the try-outs to see which sorry loser will make a huge fool of him/herself in the process or to discover that hidden gem. Then Hollywood Week comes and goes, and the predictable few are selected.

Some seasons, I'll pick my favorite, thinking he/she will bring it home and be the winner at the end of all those silly theme-weeks, semi-fake Ford commercials and poppy opening group numbers where you're never sure if they're singing or lip-synching. After all, if you're going to become a super-star, a little humiliation for TV ratings and corporate pandering is worth it in the end. Isn't it?

So, this year, I've been watching faithfully every week. Much to my husband's amusement. He's amazing to let me watch this show each week like a 12 year old girl (no, I haven't reverted to pig-tails and tears streaming down my face, thank you). He'll never admit it, but I think he's getting into it, too. Or not.

So, this year, my favorite is Crystal Bowersox. She's the clear front-runner, hands down. Every week, she's consistent and has the soul like no one else on radio today when she plays. I wait impatiently until she takes the stage each week, knowing she'll blow the competition away with her easy stride. If she doesn't take #1, I'll be surprised, but would be just as happy if Michael "Big Mike" Lynche wins. Now, if only they don't get thrown for a loop with one of the very soul-less disco.

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