Friday, March 26, 2010

Such Random Things (2nd edition)

  • Let Donna Martin Graduate? No - something more important. Let Constance Go to the Prom! With her classmates. Even though her backwoods school decided to cancel the fun for everyone because this teenage girl wanted to attend in a tux with her girlfriend. This is still a hot topic, and the comments posted to this article on range from total support to total bigotry. Is it really that big of a deal, Mississippi? Hey ya'll - it's 2010. Get yourself educated and learn to not be so hateful.

  • NaPoWriMo approaches next Thursday. Am I ready for that kind of discipline?
  • Wow - the Barenaked Ladies are back! sans Steven Page. This band was staple listening in my college years. I still listen to Rock Spectacle all the time and think "Brian Wilson" is one of the best songs ever and would have been my American Idol audition song if I wasn't way past the age limit (but I digress). When Page was charged with drug possession, and then later left the band, my heart sank. So, will the rest of the band continue like nothing happened and make happy tunes again? All in Good Time.
  • Oh, Glastonbury and your super-awesome line-up! You mock my Stateside being every year.
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire from the late, great Stieg Larsson are two of the most shocking, violent, complex, dark, mysterious and extraordinary works of fiction I've ever read, and I'm so psyched that the first book has been released as a movie (by a Swedish director who now lives in NJ, thank you). The only other book that got me so excited was Dennis Lehane's violent and mysterious Shutter Island (no, I haven't seen the movie yet. Please, no spoilers!) So, with all this violent, mysterious reading going on...what does that say about me?

  • V returns next week! Finally!

[If you're curious: Such Random Things (1st edition)]


Badger said...

Hey I read your profile and blog about NJ and while I know that your dad is secretly a Mafia boss you are seriously gorgeous and if I was single and young and good looking and rich I would come to see you even tho I know I would get whacked for sure by Sal or someone like that.

Christine said...

Thanks, Badger - you make me blush. But I think my husband would be the one that would whack you :) Have great day!