Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's an Octogenarian's World

Who said this world is being taken over by a bunch of whining 20-somethings? OK, maybe alot of people said that, but it seems the tide is turning - and quickly!

Case 1:
Everyone's favorite 88 1/2 year old, Betty White, just hosted Saturday Night Live (thanks to a Facebook fan campaign) in some of the funniest sketches I've seen on that show in ages. Now there's a Facebook campaign to have her host the Academy Awards. She's red hot now, with rave reviews of her Snicker's commercial, her role in "The Proposal", a new TV show Hot in Cleveland, among other guest spots. And those of you who are my age remember her most fondly as the lovable but naïve Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls, a show I still watch in re-runs. In short, she's kicking some major young-starlet rear with every bit of zest.

Case 2:
Now, said Facebook fans are looking to have another funny lady host SNL, Carol Burnett. The 77 year-old comedienne has a new book out and is touring (and had I known earlier about her NJ appearance this weekend, I would have loved to have seen her!) Another one who seems much younger than her years, she always makes me smile, and even if she comes to SNL in nothing but a curtain rod and drapes, it would be great to see her knock it out of the park like Betty.

Case 3:
Today, there are stories of an 81 year-old grandmother from Britain, who sang beautifully on Britain's Got Talent, and some are asking if she's the next Susan Boyle, the phenom who blew everyone away with her gorgeous voice. I don't see her star reaching those heights, but the fact that she had the guts to go on stage, sing wonderfully, and have the world talking about her in such a positive way is amazing.

We young folks have a lot to learn from these women - and all seniors, really - that life doesn't stop when you reach a certain age. It keeps going, and can be better than expected. We love these octogenarians, not because they are cute or elderly, but because they show us how it's done - and they do it all so well.

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