Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Such Random Things (NJ edition)

  • It's official - Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014 will be held at the New Meadowlands NEW JERSEY, thank you very much! Not New York. Even the so-called New York teams play in New Jersey. Just admit it, New York. You wish you were us.

  • Is it the end of an era? The end of times? The end of the innocence? No. It's just the end of fictional TV shows, people. Life will carry on. Except if networks resort to more trashy reality shows (especially about NJ!) to fill the empty time slots. Then, I would share your tears.

  • Just watched the original "Karate Kid", for the umpteenth time. Classic '80s. You can't remake a classic and still think it will be as good as the original. "Karate Kid" (2010) may or (more likely) may not live up to the hype. Either way, it just can't compare to the story of Jersey transplant Daniel LaRusso learning the ways of the master, Mr. Miyagi, and getting the girl in the end (played by real-life Jersey native Elisabeth Shue)

  • It's almost Memorial Day weekend and around these parts, that means alot of good things - most notably, the start of beach season! Think you know the Jersey Shore by watching those orange kids punch each other out? Sorry, friend. This is the real Jersey Shore. And this. And I'll be there. Maybe you'll be, too.

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Badger said...

Hey - don't talk to me about when MTV was music. I remember when TV was black and white - and had Knobs!