Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Avril 14

From where I sit today, the skies are gray in layered masses, waiting for the tenderness of the morning to transform into a raw day before the rain drips down, one sober drop at a time. The trees are starting to wake from their winter slumbers, with just a hint of colored buds...but not enough to wash the landscape in a soft green fuzziness. Daffodils are in bloom, though...as are the cherry blossoms...

On this dreary kind of a day, I turn to a song I heard a few years ago. At times, I hear echoes of Spring attempting to shake the last bit of sleepy Winter from its eyes. Other days, the song conjures up images of a light day soaked in warm sunshine and washed in wildflowers. A song that could not be more appropriate for today:

Avril 14 (Aphex Twin)

So, what images come to mind when you hear this song?

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