Monday, February 2, 2009

California Dreaming

I just spent the last few days in one of my all-time favorite cities...ever. San Francisco. Those words alone give my heart an extra beat. Tony Bennett sure knew what he was talking about. Of course, I was in the city to attend a conference, and, as with most business-related travel, I hardly had any time to step outside the hotel let alone go sight-seeing. Still, when I did leave the hotel, it was a pleasure to find myself soaked in warm sunshine and not requiring the typical 5 layers and a parka that I normally wear this time of year.

I traveled West on the day that we here on the East Coast received yet another reminder that it's still winter - Wednesday. It wasn't a terrible storm, just an annoyance. I returned home just in time for another one of Old Man Winter's calling cards; tomorrow, we're supposed to have more snow, then colder temperatures. And I ask myself all the while, why did I leave the 70 degree weather of a beautiful city? That, my friends, is the question of the day.

Especially since our little furry friend, Punxsutawney Phil, decided to see his shadow today and claim 6 more weeks of winter. Not very scientific, I know. Quite a stupid tradition, if you ask me. But nonetheless, there it is. I'm certainly California dreaming on this winter's day.


Writers Block said...

In london we had 6 inches of snow and everything broke. Still, the wife got the day off work!

Sally@MyriadLife said...

Sympathising with your snow issues but at least you had a brief flirt with warmth!

Me-Me King said...

San Francisco is a wonderful city. I'm glad you got a taste of the warmer weather - I believe we, here in the west, tend to take our mild winter season for granted.

Christine said...

Writers Block - that's amazing that you had snow! Isn't it the first time in like 20 years?

Sally - yes, I wish I were still in the warm climate. It's cold here today!

Me-Me King - I love the West. I still enjoy the seasons we have here in the East, but sometimes it gets to be too much!

Mariecel said...

Don't knock the snow! =)

I have not experienced a decent snowfall in four winters, which just kills me when I hear family and friends moan and groan about the snow... People here don't know what real snow is. There were delays galore at the London airports yesterday because of 5cm of snow. 5cm!?!?!?!

Nonetheless, I am happy you were able to enjoy some nice sunshine =)

Anonymous said...
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