Monday, February 23, 2009

Lightning Crashes

Death...and Life. The circle continues...

My previous post was about the anniversary of my mother's passing, 18 years ago. While the sorrow is still there, time has allowed me to move on. However, others I know are not as fortunate to have "time" just yet. In the last few weeks, it seems that so many people in my life have been touched by loss and grief, sickness and death. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of them during this difficult time.

On the flip side, during these last few weeks, I've also learned that several people I know are expecting, and for most of them, it's their first child. My heart is full of joy for their good news and blessing.

Such a bittersweet moment, trying to share in the happiness of some and console the anguish of others.

I think of the Jack Johnson song If I Could, and the lyrics "They say that new life makes losing life easier to understand." It may not help us to understand loss any better, but it should give us hope, at the very least, that life continues, and, in that life, there should be better days ahead.

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