Friday, February 6, 2009

When the Moon Hits Your Eye... a big pizza pie, that's amore!

And amore for pizza it is!

Without hesitation, that's probably the one food that I can eat every single day without a problem. Well...maybe a little problem - ok, maybe a huge problem. Weight gain.

Even Papa John's founder would agree - all in moderation.

Now, I haven't had chain-store pizza (i.e., PizzaHut, Domino's, Papa John's) in about 10 years. I want the authentic taste of cheesy goodness melding just right with the sweet tomato sauce and spices - not the taste of a grease wash. Not to say those chain-store pizzas don't taste good...but for me, it got to a point when the grease overpowered the pizza, and, well - without mincing words or imagery - I just found that my stomach and gastrointestinal track couldn't handle them quite as well. No, I prefer my local pizzeria.

So, I think it's kind of ironic that the founder of one of the gr-izza chains would say (to a British audience, mind you, not to the markedly-obese U.S.) to limit your intake of pizza to 1 or 2 slices. This is a reaction to current anti-obesity regulations in the U.K., where the chain has a strong presence.

All of that is good and well, but what isn't emphasized is just what is included in those 1 or 2 slices from Papa Johns in terms of nutritional value. Clearly, no one eats pizza because it's healthy; we eat it because it taste good and is quick and convenient. But, knowing some statistics about pizza consumption in the U.S. (94% of the populations eats it and is the most popular prepared food), and that there's even National Pizza Month (October), maybe these chains should focus on making their pizza a tad bit healthier because, even if we stick to only 1 or 2 slices, our collective waistbands aren't shrinking and, unless you have the strongest will power known to man, it's only inevitable that pizza will remain the fast food of choice that we will continue to consume in the foreseeable future.

At least, I know I will. Probably tonight.

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Beverly said...

Ha Ha ha! Awesome! I agree 100%, although I have eaten pizza at Papa Johns, I actually prefer the local pizza place also. But I don't think Papa John founder said anything wrong, I kind of feel like he was just being honest.