Friday, August 29, 2008

For the Working (Wo)man

It's finally here. That long weekend that comes too seldom, the chance to unwind and sleep in a little later, the glory of not setting the alarm clock for Monday's sunrise, and that final gasp of summer's last breath. Ah - Labor Day, a celebration of all us working stiffs.

The lucky girl that I am - I'm taking this as an opportunity to finally go on vacation, my first real vacation this year. Can you believe it? The year is more than half over, and I'm just now taking a little holiday for myself. Heading north of the border to our Québécois friends. Just a little treat for my husband and I after all the hard work we've done.

So, while you're enjoying a BBQ or two, while you're sunning yourself on the beach or just taking it easy - remember why we (most of us) have this day off, remember that it's to celebrate the working man, and that this year especially has knocked around the working man more than his fair share, and for that and more, the hard working folks of this nation are the heroes of the day.

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