Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nee How

I know, I owe you some original poetry (I'm sure there are throngs of you out there just itching to read more from yours truly, right? Thanks to the two of you who do!) It's been a while, and frankly, I'm just going through a dry spell right now. I have journals and journals of poems, but in retrospect, they're not that good....and I like you. You deserve better.

So, while I'm traveling in the next few days for work, and while I try to overcome this writer's block, I celebrate the opening of the Olympic ceremonies and congratulate all the athletes. There surely is plenty to say in response to China's treatment of Tibet, the air pollution, the mix of gregarious capitalism in a Communist state. All for another time, my friends.

So, instead, here's a poem from Chinese poet Su Tung-P'o:

I Travel Day and Night

Passed the place where the Ying River enters the Huai, and for the first time saw the mountains along the Huai. Today we reached Shou-chou.
I travel day and night toward the Yangtze and the sea.

Maple leaves, reed flowers - fall has endless sights.
On the broad Huai I can't tell if the sky is near or far;
green hills keep rising and falling with the boat.
Shou-chou - already I see the white stone pagoda,
though short oars haven't brought us around Yellow Grass Hill.
Waves calm, wind mild - I look for the landing.
My friends have stood a long time in twilight mist.

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