Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here We Go!

Today is a new day. For good or bad, Americans let their voice be heard and we have ourselves a brandy new president-elect. Half the people I have spoken with today are elated beyond words; the other half express disappointment and a little fear and skepticism. Me, personally? Well, all I have to say is that:

  1. I was happy that so many people got out and voted. They said this was the largest turnout in 100 years. Wow. That is tremendous. I went to the polls first thing in the morning before work (foolishly thinking I'd be in and out in a snap), and because the lines were so long, I had to come back after work to get the job done. Now, if only that many people voted in EVERY election, we'd really be on to something.
  2. I myself am a skeptic. I've been fooled before, and hope with all my might that the American people have not been fooled again. No matter who won, I would feel this way. Promises are one thing; action is another. I still feel that it all remains to be seen.
  3. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. No more commercials, no more debates, no more pundits filling air time with exorbitant claims. No more tug of war. It's over. Done. Now we can get back to our "normal" lives after 2 years of this crap. And for that, we can all celebrate!

So, with that said, today is all about moving forward and onward and upward and outward and...well, it's about progress, right?

Speaking of progress, I'm well under way with my novel. Sure, I'm only half way to where I'm supposed to be, word-count wise, at this point. But it's still progress. A week ago, I still didnt know what I'd write about. The funny thing is that I forgot how writing like this consumes you. And (I'll let you in on a secret since I like you), since the story is loosely-based on actual events, it really drains me reliving those moments as I twist them into fiction. After I've been typing away for a few hours, I have to snap back to reality and present-day, with the residual effects lingering. A very bizarre experience but worth every second.

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